Grow Inspired to Garden, Cook and Live Healthier! 

From 1-Day Intensives, 1-hour workshops to private and group programs there is something for you to discover. Wildcrafted Way teaches the tools and skills to help you live healthy and love your body! 

30-Day Whole Food Clean Eating Challenge

Uncover the basic principles of “clean eating” while learning the cooking techniques to support your efforts. Receive step-by-step instructions complete with meal plans, a starter guide, and over 40 recipes! Warning: A major side effect could be weight loss, increased energy and a reduced waistline!t.

Saint Paul Public Schools

Mondays October 3-Nov. 17 (No class Oct.31)  •12:00pm-2:00pm  • 5 sessions  • $( includes food)  • #3316FEA  • Education Service Building • 1780 West 7th Street, 55116

South Washington County Community Education

Mondays October 3-Nov. 17 (No class Oct.31)• 6:30 - 8:30 PM •5 sessions • $( includes food)• No Class March  31 • Cottage Grove Middle School : A-114 

Northfield Community Education 

Saturday • October 1,15, November 12  • 9:30-12:30PM • 3 session • $( includes food) • Northfields Middle School:  Lab 221

Rosemount • Apple Valley• Eagan Community Education  (SOLD OUT)

Thursday • October 6- November 10  • 6:30-830PM • 5 session • $( includes food) • Rosemount Middle School:  Foodlb

Rochester Community Education 

Saturday • November 5 • 9-12 AM • 1 session • $( includes food) • Century High School:  H-231

Online 30-Day Challenge

Monday • October 10-November 7  • 9:30-12:30PM • 5 weeks • From any smartphone, tablet or computer •$47

Fresh Herbs and Gardening

I want to help you take advantage of the wonderful tastes and benefits of using fresh herbs. Learn about the varieties of herbs, types of herb gardens, growing your own, harvesting, proper cleansing, prep and storage, including methods for freezing and drying. You can make teas, herbal vinegars and oils, dry your herbs, or using fresh herbs to take your cooking to a whole new level! Never Let your delicious herbs go to WASTE again!

Saint Paul Public Schools 

Monday September 26 • 6:00-8:30p • 1 session • $$( includes food)• Como Park HS 1216 • 

The Skinny on Weight Loss & Chemicals 

How everyday chemicals could be making you fat.

Unexpected items in your home may be interfering with or undermining your efforts to keep yourself fit and healthy. Learn more about how chemical toxins in the modern-day environment may be linked to weight gain and obesity and what this information means for you in your daily life. Take away actionable steps you can start immediately to reduce your exposure to these chemical toxins.

Northfield Community Education 

Tuesday • October 4 • 6:30-8PM • 1 session • NCRC Parent Ed Room 108

South Washington County Community Education 

Saturday •November 19• 10:00-11:30am  • Cottage Grove Middle School A137

Wild Edibles and Walking Tour:  

Learn the benefits of wild edibles, what they look like, how to identify 7 species, where to find them, how and what parts to harvest, and how to use them in the kitchen in a way that is fun and exciting so that you can get started right away. The best part about this class is we will get outside and look for some of these plants for a hands on experience. 

Saint Paul Public Schools (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday• October 19 6-8pm • 1 session  • $( includes food)• Humboldt Secondary School:  1248 FACS• 

SuperFood Shakes and Nutrient Packed Smoothies

When I first started making smoothies I wasted a LOT of ingredients but I stuck with it and now I want to share my secrets with you! Learn about proper food combining, how to make fabulous green smoothies and superfood shakes every time. YOU will LOVE these recipes and no fail mix-n-match guide. Come hungry and taste several smoothies, learn about superfoods and how to add them to your shakes. Bring a couple pint jars and a lid to take home leftover smoothies

Saint Paul Public Schools 

Wednesday • October 5 6:00-8:30pm • 1 session • $( includes food) • Humboldt Secondary School:  1248 FACS• 

The Foods you Incorporate into Your Life Come with Real a Set of Choices…These Choices can Make a HUGE Difference in Not Only Your Health, but the Health of the Economy and the Planet.

Transform your Mind, Body and Spirit through Clean Eating.

I am passionate about you and your TRANSFORMATION – no matter what! I am a catalyst to your improved health and hope to be inspirational in YOUR life!

True Confessions…I wasn’t always a Health Coach. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that I was sneaking to the freezer to eat chocolate chips with peanut butter and ice cream after everyone went to bed. After YEARS of…Struggling with, Digestion, Cravings and Weight, I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition became a Integrative Nutrition Coach and changed my Life.

I learned How to Eat In a way that completely gets rid of cravings and I became so passionate about this way of living that I now teach it to other people.

My intention is too permanently change your relationship with your cravings.

What it will take is for you to be here 100% with the intention to permanently change YOUR relationship with cravings and sugar?

Your Life Depends On It…Take Part Fully as If Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does.

"Your Life will Turn out Completely Differently When You are Eating Well and When You Understand Food because What We Eat Changes Everything.”

Here Is a Chance to get a Handle On…What YOU Eat and Drink, Not through Willpower or Discipline but by Understanding WHAT CAUSES those Crazy, Uncontrollable Cravings and KNOWING that YOU Can Reduce them Naturally Over Time. 



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December 17, 2017


Me + YOU

1 Hour

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Working with a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a commitment to YOU!

I invite you to focus on YOU – your body, mind and spirit for 1 hour with me.

You will make a commitment to Grow Inspired. And be held accountable. When you need support or reminder, I will be there to offer you a gentle nudge to keep going! Because this time you will succeed!

We will gather  virtually, technology will allow us to connect. So don’t let geography be an excuse!

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