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Rebecca 30-Day Testimonial Two weeks ago these didn't zip or slide they do both! The 30-Day Whole Food Clean Eating Challenge works and rocks!

Rebecca Egbert, Little Mothers Helper

The 30 Day Challenge has Done more for me than anything I've ever tried!

Cyndy F.

I’m excited that I’m drinking more water and cooking more. I’m also sleeping better and consciously deciding to not eat sugary snacks – I’m thinking about my choices instead of just grabbing. I’m excited to learn more about my body so I pay attention better to what makes me feel good or bad. I’m handling work stress a lot better and it is contributing to my improved sleep as well. I LOVE having a bunch more go-to recipes that are easy and healthful.

Emilie Justen, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Sandy Testimonial 30-DayThe biggest breakthrough for me was in the 2nd week when the cloud lifted.  I had felt sluggish and cloudy for many many months, and really lacked energy and drive.  Stress was getting to me.  Within the first two weeks, simply eating better changed my mood and cleared my mind.

The greatest way this training has impacted my life is a permanent change to my eating habits.  Wow – that’s HUGE!  I think doing this for a full 30 days was so important to truly break bad habits and create new, healthier ones.

If I had to describe the 30 day challenge in a single word, I would say inspiring. Really impressed and inspired by these women who are finding positive, healthy ways to take care of themselves and their relationships!

Other big successes I’d like to share are… as a result of this process and the clarity of mind I am now feeling, some really negative behaviors are much easier to avoid entirely.

My relationships, especially my relationship with my husband, are improving (losing a few pounds always helps to feel a little sexier!).  I would never have thought that removing a few foods from my diet could have such a big impact on so many aspects of my life!

Sandy M

I have been living daily with the benefits of your 30-day challenge and subsequent coaching and thank you for stretching my thinking to live my dreams! I have been cooking and enjoying fresh produce from the Farmers Market and preparing for my move.

Jane W

To begin, I just want to say thank you.  Though I have a journey ahead and I am really just taking baby steps I feel really positive.  I think that the 30-Day Whole Food Challenge class that Kevin and I took from you was the very first step in this journey.  My 1:1 sessions with you then being my second step.  Meeting with you and just talking about the alternatives opened my eyes.  Not only for my own health, but for the health and happiness of my family.  This journey has taken me to not only realize better food choices, but better, more natural general practices for me and my family.  I have made different priorities for our time in the evenings and on the weekends (my house is a bit more of a wreck, but I will get to that in the winter months, right?)  Our evenings do involve a better, healthier meal plan, but they also involve getting us all out for a walk (which means leaving work a little earlier and possibly getting on-line later).  It also involves all of us around a table at once, eating the same foods.  It's simple, but so enjoyable. Our little one is fully onto solids now, so ensuring she has balanced, nutritious meals is key.  I am glad that we're able to instill this early on.  Its all somewhat gradual, but somehow I do just feel better about it.

Kristen W

Symptoms I have experienced consistently for 3 years have almost completely disappeared (blocked sinuses, dizziness, stinging eyes, fatigue, problems focusing visually, and sore throat) and I’ve had more energy than I have ever. I’m not exaggerating. I began this cleanse with tempered expectations – that most likely I’d feel a bit better and sort of “rule out” anything making my symptoms better or worse. I expected that for the long term, it wouldn’t be something I was likely to adhere to. However, after feeling this good, I plan on a lifestyle change.

Missy R

I don't have a scale, but I know I lost the weight I wanted to lose. I never lose weight on cleanses, it's never my purpose. However, today pants I wore last Monday that fit perfectly then are loose today!! And my skinny jeans that have not fit and I want to be able wear everyday can button! You've totally inspired me Angela. I remember so much about myself. Thank you. Attention affection appreciation acceptance. This cleanse has done something for me on every realm of life: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, magically, healing. You are important to this world!

Mayla Jean "MJ" Parker

Good morning Mighty Goddess, So I threw out all of my spendy face care products, and have been washing my face w honey for the past 2 days, and I wish i had a before and after picture because it feels and looks sooo much better already. I have been feeling really great and motivated, and energized and like I am living with intention, which is hugely due to your life coaching! I love the goals worksheet, and the journaling is really coming around.  The work that you are doing is life changing and I am so grateful for your support and encouragement, and wisdom

Jennifer S

As a 30 year workforce veteran, I really appreciated Angela’s help in finding balance.  She has given me practical and applicable insights on just about every facet of my life.  Every meeting with Angela was like a girls night out….no pressure, no preaching, just honest to goodness lessons that could be put into practice immediately.    From discovering quinoa to wrapping my feet in hot towels after a particularly stressful day, I know many of her suggestions will stay with me for life! Angela’s absolute best attribute is her calm and quiet manner.   Quick to smile and easy to talk to, that’s Angela.

JoAnn K

katieAngela’s 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge awakened me so I can now better understand how my body reacts to different foods. Foods which I believed I could never live without turned out to be some of the easiest to cut from my diet during the challenge. I had a hard time believing that having such a diet would give me the energy to get me though my strenuous days of physical labor.   This former belief was proved wrong in this challenge; I felt better than ever and no longer had the lulls in my day. I in fact had more energy following Angela’s 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge than ever before!

It has now been several months since I first participated in Angela’s 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge. My body does not feel the same and I now know an excellent way to change it! Angela continues to share updates and I now have the entire program at my fingertips to duplicate anytime I want to feel amazing again! The closed Facebook group which I participated in while doing the challenge was a great help to answer questions, give me new ideas, and help me know I was on the right track, and I am still a member to this day. Angela was always there when I was concerned about a specific ingredient and if it should be eliminated or included in our ingredient list.

I understand my body much better now. The 30-Clean Eating Challenge I found to be invaluable. I am so grateful I finally decided to jump and enter the program and follow the daily protocol. This program is something I will return to again, time and time again.

Thank you Angela and Wild Crafted Ways for coaching me through this priceless program!


Katie M, Professional Gardener and Flight Attendant

Have you been hearing about the benefits of clean eating but wondering how to realistically make it happen on your own? I can help!

Angela SydnesI’m Angela Sydnes and not that long ago I struggled with stress, weight gain and sugar cravings. I’ve tried tons of different diets, exercise and calorie restriction. I would do really well for a while, get new information, renew my commitment to follow through, take consistent action for a week or two, convince myself that this time is going to be different and what happened? My motivation fizzled out and I’d fall off track.

That’s because I actually left out two key ingredients and without these two ingredients, we stay stuck in the same patterns, procrastinating or being paralyzed by perfection. We repeat the same behaviors and we stay stuck.

I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when I discovered this thing. At first I was skeptical, that this approach would never work for me. Then I tried it, my results were INCREDIBLE! I felt healthier than I had in years. I started following through in a way I never had before. Knowing what to eat became EASY, my cravings disappeared, and I lost weight without even trying!

And I’ve combined my training and life experiences to help you!


Get back in touch with what healthy feels like.

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