It’s time to plant the seeds of intention…


Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.
Oscar Wilde
If you are reading this you made it through the end of the world as we know it and so did I!  Congratulations!
2017 marks universal new beginning in Numerology. (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1)  A UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year represents the start of a fresh new cycle – a new 9 year cycle of creativity, learning and growth. A UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year is a time to plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming cycle – your deepest heartfelt desires, dreams and visions for every area of your life-Circle of life Reprinted with permission Check out your Circle of Life Here:

As you continue your year in review I want you to consider something…Imagine a hectic day? What do you have on your mind? It’s likely a long list of “to-dos” including work, grocery shopping, working out, doing laundry, and cooking! How can you keep calm and get ALL of these things done?


“In the end these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?”

~ Siddhartha Gautama


Try doing this breathing exercise.
Sit down in a comfortable place free of distractions.  Close your eyes.
BREATH, focus on breathing.  In through your nose and out through your mouth.
RELAX, release any tension that you feel in your body.
Now focus on your HEART, as if the breath was coming directly into your heart and exiting from there as well.
Now that you are focused on your heart, ask yourself this question.
What habits, beliefs, thoughts and or relationships are not serving me in the area of my Health and Wellness?
DO NOT THINK about it, feel it from you HEART, and be OKAY with the answer your heart reveals,  WRITE IT DOWN.
Ask the same question in regards to Relationships/Community and Service/Career.
This can take as little as a couple minutes to as long as you need.

What’s something that, at this time, you feel you need to let go of?
Is it something that’s not working for you anymore?
Is it worry or fear?
Is it a relationship that has been draining your energy?
Is it a heavy responsibility?
Is it heartache, or resentment of someone or something?
Is it possibly some anger you haven’t yet been able to release?
Is it your belief in perfection?

I want you to remember this…

Letting go is not the same as giving up or giving in
Letting go is not the same as forgetting someone or something that has meaning for you
Letting go is not the same as failing
Letting go allows you to breathe
It allows the person you have let go of to live and grow in their own experience
It is accepting that you cannot be all things to all people in your life
It is relief
Letting go is surrender

When we cling tightly to something or someone in our lives that is just not in service of our
ability to really breathe, and live fully expressed, we are constricted, we internalize it, and it is
that internalization that manifests in our bodies as pain, illness, physical or emotional dysfunction.
It’s time to cast fear and judgment from the world and love one another such that the world might be made right.

Now that you let all that “STUFF” go get up move your body and shake it off. Then LET IT GO!  RELEASE!
SERIOUSLY, have a dance party or do a silent cheer.  CELEBRATE!

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